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Even though this website is still being built, my goal is to make it your go-to guide for essential oils information. Another goal is to make sure that you don't make some of the mistakes that I did when I first started out.

If you are new to essential oils, exploring new blends, or researching the therapeutic properties of your oils, you have come to the right place.

Many people do not know all of the fine details of what these oils can do for them. For example, some oils can be used as antiseptics for insect bites and minor scraps and cuts. Rubbing on an arm or a leg can help relieve poor circulation, stiffness, rheumatism, and muscular pain. Some can even help relieve fatigue, stress, and anxiety. This site will help explain the properties of individual oils and blends so that you can make the right choices for your individual needs.

It takes just three things for success with essential oils.

1. Therapeutic grade essential oils
2. A reference guide for essential oils
3. Common sense

When you experience success with your essential oils, you'll probably begin experimenting and making your own discoveries! I'd love to hear about them. Meanwhile, welcome to the Essential Oils Information Center and the wonderful world of essential oils!

Most Popular Essential Oils
Most Popular Essential Oils - What these essential oils are, how people are using them, and what one oil from Ecuador will probably make it into the top 10 very soon!
Essential Oil Profiles
101 essential oil profiles, singles as opposed to blends, presented in a quick and easy-to-use format. Scientific data combined with real-life stories make it easy to remember each essential oil!
Rose Essential Oil - One of Life's Luxuries!
Because of the high cost of top quality rose essential oil, most people save it for very special purposes in life. How are people using it? Why you should avoid bargain-priced rose oil!
Essential Oil Combinations & Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oil Combinations - The greatest benefits from essential oils often come in blends of one or more oils. Over 65 blends are listed here. They range from practical to luxurious!
DiGize - My Miracle Oil for All Sorts of Digestive Difficulties!
DiGize - This oil is a necessity for my parents and me because it helps us with so many issues related to digestion - nausea in airplanes, Crohn's Disease, acid reflux, cranky stomachs, and more.
Aroma Life - Essential Oils and the Heart
Aroma Life - One dramatic heart story told by a medical doctor was all it took. Read on to discover this story and why it might benefit you or someone you care about!
Essential Oil Kits
Essential oil kits are the ideal way to get started with essential oils. Learn why and read about several fun choices!
Aroma Complete Kit - an Essential Oil Luxury!
Aroma Complete Kit - Imagine your own briefcase containing 125 different essential oils! See the list of oils in this luxurious kit.
Essential 7 Kit - an ideal place to start!
Whether you're a beginner or ready to make the swith from recreational oils to top quality oils, the Essential 7 Kit is an ideal way to start!
Everyday Oils Kit - the Ideal Starting Place!
This is my absolute favorite out of all the kits! Every home should have the Everyday Oils Kit of these 9 magical oils!
Golden Touch Kit of Essential Oils
Golden Touch Kit - Four oils for colds, flu, and building the immune system. One oil that is my family's life saver for 3 different types of digestive difficulties. Plus 2 more oils.
Raindrop Technique Kit
Raindrop Technique can be used for many different things, but for building the immune system, it is one of the most luxurious ways known to man! For more about this kit, read on.
Bible Oils in the 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit
What would it feel like to smell and to use some of the Bible oils that Jesus and the Jews of old used? With this kit, you can find out, and perhaps make a new connection with these people
Essential Oils Contraindications
Essential Oils Contraindications for pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are relatively few, especially when compared to essential oils that are not therapeutic grade. Here's the short list!
Essential Oils in Eye - What if you accidentally get the oil in your eye?
Essential Oils in Eye - When you buy your first essential oil, no one tells you what to do if you accidentally get the oil in your eye. The solution is quick and easy!
Essential Oils Uses - a List from A to Z!
The fastest, easiest way to learn about essential oils uses is with the EDR. Here's a list - from A to Z - of what it covers!
Essential Oils Shopping - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
Essential Oils Shopping - The three things you need to make getting started with essential oils safe, quick, and easy!
Essential Oil Companies
Essential Oil Companies - When buying essential oils for myself or my family, here are my top three choices!
Essential Oils Resources in Many Different Formats
Essential Oils Resources - The fun way to learn about essential oils - reference books, CDs, video, eCourses, testimonies, online chat groups. There’s one source that stands out above all the rest!
Essential Oil Storage
With proper essential oil storage, your oils can last for centuries! Learn tips for safely storing your essential oils so that they maintain their effectiveness, no matter where you are.
Packing Essential Oils forTravel - Packing Suggestions for Your Essential Oils
Packing Essential Oils - If you are new to essential oils and have decided to travel with them, here are some easy tips for safely packing them in your checked bag and your one-quart plastic bag!
E-Zine of the Essential Oils Information Center
An e-zine for people who wish to incorporate essential oils and essential oil products into their everyday lifestyles.
Essential Oils Blog
If you would like to share in the new information almost as quickly as I receive it, I invite you to read or sign up for my Essential Oils Blog.
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