Essential Oils and the Heart - Why I Always Carry Aroma Life!

The dramatic story below instantly made the essential oil blend called Aroma Life part of my emergency kit. Essential oils have been around since the beginning of time, and each succeeding generation finds additional ways of using them.

An emergency on a Boeing 777 between Honolulu and San Francisco
Over the speakers came an urgent request for a physician. Of the two doctors who responded, one had none of the tools of her trade with her. The other was armed with a stethoscope, a blood pressure cup, and two bottles of essential oils!

The passenger with the emergency was disoriented, babbling in a language the doctors didn't understand, and was trying to tear off his shirt. The second doctor diagnosed him as hyposic (lack of oxygen to the brain), and having high blood pressure because his heart was racing.

This medical doctor pulled out a bottle of the Peace & Calming essential oil blend, told the passenger to breathe deeply, and his breathing slowed. Next, he sprinkled the Aroma Life blend to the man's chest and neck. The unprepared physician told the prepared physician not to do this, but he did anyway. Pretty soon, the man began to breathe more slowly and became increasingly calm.

By this time, the captain needed to know whether the flight should continue to San Francisco or return to Honolulu. Both medical doctors then confirmed that the passenger's blood pressure had returned to normal!

By the time the plane landed, the passenger with the emergency was composed and was speaking calmly in English.

How can this be?
Aroma Life was designed to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve cardiovascular, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. Here's what is in it.

1. Helichrysum - essential oil reference works credit this oil with improving circulation, reducing blood viscosity, reducing plaque deposits from the veins and arteries, and more. Some sources also state that it assists in regulating cholesterol.

2. Ylang Ylang - is developing a history of being used to help balance heart function. Some health professionals also use it to treat tachycardia (rapid heart bear) and high blood pressure.

3. Marjoram - known for its ability to relieve muscle spasms. It is also said to calm nervous tension and to help regenerate smooth muscle tissue.

4. Cypress - is known for circulation above all else, but according to the Essential Oils Desk Reference, it also strengthens the vascular system, and reduces edema and water retention.

My experience
Whenever I feel any discomfort in my chest, I apply the Aroma Life blend, and the discomfort always goes away in minutes. My parents also use it, as do a number of people who know about this special blend.

How to Use Aroma Life
I love the aroma of this blend, so I really enjoy just inhaling it from the bottle or wearing it as a perfume. However, when I have a chest pain, I put a couple of drops on my finger and rub it where the chest pain is.

There are several additional ways to use Aroma Life.

  • In conjunction with Raindrop Technique.
  • Diffuse.
  • Add 2-4 drops to bath water.
  • For a full body massage, dilute 1:15 with a high quality vegetable oil.

In order to stay legal, I must recommend that you consult with your doctor before trying anything you have read here! Most likely, he will be ignorant about medicinal grade essential oils, but if he is open minded and would like to learn more, please contact me at either of the websites below and I will be happy to help.

What About Making Your Own Blend of These Oils?
This is not something I recommend. I can guarantee you that if you use less than top grade essential oils, you will not experience therapeutic results. When it comes to essential oils, price is a pretty good indicator of quality.

For example, people who use a bargain-priced helichrysum because they have heard that it helps with pain, will get no relief with their bargain-priced oil. Here's another example. People who buy a bargain-priced lavender and put it on a burn, typically find that it (1) does no good or (2) makes the burn worse.

If you would like to know more about essential oils that people are using for heart issues, or if you would just like to discover more about essential oils, I invite you to explore the

Essential Oils Information Center further.

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Ready to Shop for Essential Oils?
I highly recommend starting with a kit. Why? Because a kit typically provides oils in 5 ml bottles (smaller than most) so that you can try a number of oils for the price of only a few oil in larger sized bottles. To look at various kits or for the Aroma Life blend, I invite you to visit .

If you have questions, I invite you to contact me at either of the websites above. Meanwhile, here's to your health!

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