DiGize - My Miracle Oil for All Sorts of Digestive Difficulties!

DiGize is my miracle oil. It's my mother's miracle oil. and just recently, it has become my father's miracle oil.

No, it doesn't smell great, but it is one oil that I always have with me. There are various ways to use it, so I'll share with you a few of the ways my mother and I use it.

But before I do, this page must have an obligatory disclaimer. Please note that this information is not intended as medical advise for anyone else, nor is it intended for use in diagnosing, treating, or prescribing. What I am writing from my own personal experience and from my mother's experience has not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult with your healthcare professional before trying anything you have read here.

Okay, here are some of the ways my mother and I use the DiGize blend.

  • a couple of drops in water. Yuk! My mother used to take it that way.

  • a few drops in a capsule. That's how my mother takes it now and that's my preference. I started my mother on 3 drops, and now she usually takes 5-6. I usually take 6. For someone who is new to oils, it's smart to be on the safe side and put (1) however many drops you decide in the capsule and then (2) fill it with a good quality vegetable oil, but not canola. Probably the only oil I'd take in a capsule and then add vegetable oil would be thyme or oregano, as they are very hot oils. But usually, I don't even add a vegetable oil to that.

  • a couple of drops in the belly button. One of the people in my Young Living group does this for her paraplegic grandson.

  • put a drop on the finger and then rub the finger on the inside of the cheek . I don't care for the taste, but it goes immediately into the blood stream with this method. By contrast, when ingesting oils in a capsule, half of what's in the capsule doesn't get to be used by the body, because of the acid in the stomach.

  • rub a drop or two on the tummy. I've done this when flying and getting air sick. Not a pretty smell, but it sure beats the alternative!

  • inhale it until feeling better. This has worked for me on two occasions. Both times, I was on a small plane. You know that feeling you get about 30 seconds before you're going to vomit? Well, that was where I was at, and I inhaled the DiGize until I felt better (a few minutes) and was fine for the rest of the flight.

My mother uses it for a problem with stomach acid and I use it for a nervous colon, yet it works beautifully for us every time! My mother and I love many of the Young Living products, and we each have our favorite oils, but DiGize is the one, God willing, that we will never be without. After my mother discovered the results with it, she gave all of her Prilosec and other stomach acid products to her sister!

This is a perfect time to share with you about what you and I can and cannot say about natural products, if we are not medical doctors - I am not a medical doctor.

Right now, I’m sharing with you. When you receive your first Essential Oil Kit, you may be so excited that you quickly share these essential oils with others. This is a good thing!When I share with close friends and family, I say exactly what I think. Beyond that, I’m very careful about what I share, how I share it, and what I don’t share. Why? Because the United States laws are very strict about what lay people (non medical doctors) can say and write about anything related to health and medical conditions.

There’s so much that I would like to share with you – much more than is on this website. I am not a medical doctor, and this means that in order to stay legal, I must be very careful about

  • what I share
  • how much I share
  • what I do not share

If you have questions, please email me. I’ll do my best to answer your questions in a way that is (a) helpful and (b) within the limits of the law.

Unless you’re a medical doctor, it’s important to remember three U.S. laws as you’re sharing with others. It is illegal for a lay person (non-medical doctor) to
1. diagnose, prescribe, or treat for any medical condition
2. make claims about any health product
3. use the word “cure” in conjunction with any natural health product or medical condition.

Here’s what I have been told is a legal way to share.
1. How you or someone else uses the product. Also what you might do if you/your child/your horse had this condition.
2. Share what you’ve read or heard about the product. Share facts about ingredients in a product.
3. The word “assists” may work. But the health condition we’re talking about must not be a word that is used by medical doctors.

I’m also not an attorney. But I will give you some examples of what I understand is legal and what is not.
- ILLEGAL: If you experience air sickness, put 3-6 drops of it in a capsule and wake with water 15-30 minutes before takeoff. (This is viewed as prescribing.)
- LEGAL: I used to have trouble with air sickness, but now I just put 3-6 drops of it in a capsule and wake with water 15-30 minutes before takeoff.

- ILLEGAL: DiGize helps with air sickness. (This is viewed as making a medical claim about a certain product.)
- LEGAL: DiGize really helps me with air sickness.
- LEGAL: The ginger essential oil, one of the ingredients in DiGize, has been shown to help with nausea.

- ILLEGAL: DiGize cures air sickness.
- LEGAL: Some of the oils in DiGize have been shown to help relieve digestive issues.
- LEGAL: DiGize can help bring the digestive tract into better balance.

As you can now tell, it is impossible to share as much as we would like to and still stay within the confines of the United States law. So in this website, my goal is to share with you as much as possible, in a way that is in accordance with U.S. laws.

Contact me if you have questions about DiGize.