Idaho Balsam Fir

Idaho Balsam Fir is used for much, much more than one might think, judging from the Essential Oils Desk Reference.

On a January 8, 2010 conference call, Gary Young said, “I can’t honestly think of a single thing that balsam oil cannot benefit, whether it’s stomach complaints, a headache, neck spasm, certain types of cancer, arthritis, whatever that it might be, balsam has shown relief for it and benefit. Also, all emotional problems, regardless.”

The remainder of this page deals withBalsam Benefits from A to ZHow to Use Idaho Balsam Fir Essential Oil


  • attunement and awareness increases
  • balancing to the endocrine system (this is why it helps depression)
  • complaints are eased or eliminated
  • drink it is easy – just add to water
  • energy increases – both physical and spiritual energy
  • fun!
  • gentle
  • healing
  • invigorating
  • just using it however you know how can bring more benefits
  • knowing that balsam is a gift from the Creator
  • lifts people out of depression
  • makes mealtime a happier experience, both for the people as they interact with one another and for the entire gastrointestinal tract
  • new discoveries about balsam can be made by people like you and me
  • old life can be transformed into a whole new realm in life
  • powerful!
  • quality of life is increased on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
  • restorative
  • satisfying and supporting to the body
  • skin friendly – doesn’t sting or burn
  • takes minerals from Mother Earth and brings the properties of these minerals into the oil
  • understanding how it works is not necessary in order to experience its benefits
  • value of balsam keeps increasing, because we keep discovering new uses for it
  • well-being feelings increase
  • x-ray damage may be lessened (re: how some of the constituents in balsam interact with the DNA)
  • young and old can benefit
  • zest for life is increased

The above information is not intended to make any medical claims, medical prescribing or medical diagnosing. This information is for educational purposes only. It is based on content presented by Gary Young in a January 8, 2010 conference call.

Ways to Use Idaho Balsam Fir


Gary said on the January 8th conference call that when he switch the good natured folks helping him harvest the balsam (inhaling it) with the grouchy folks back in the distillery, the grouchy folks became good natured when they got out in the fields and inhaling the balsam aroma as they were helping with the balsam harvest. Gary says that balsam quickly lifts people out of depression, so why not diffuse it on those days when things don’t seem to be going well?


When I used to have severe lower back pain, balsam was the oil that went with me everywhere. Gary said on Friday evening that “you can put it on a little child and it doesn’t sting or burn, because it’s so gentle.”

He also says, “I hardly miss a day that I don’t put balsam oil on my neck, my shoulders, just because I love it. I love the feeling that it leaves with me. Probably 80% of the time, I put it with frankincense. If I’ve got an ache or a pain, then I’ll combine it with PanAway.”


Gary said on Friday evening, “…it’s so easy to drink. You can put it in water and drink it … I’ve found that balsam and frankincense missed half in have internally for stomach conditions … is so powerful.”

Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, D.C. recently suggested this protocol for my mother: place a drop of balsam on the thumb of the right hand and place on the roof of the mouth. I tried this and it’s hard to explain the wonderful feeling that comes to my brain! See Leviticus 14:17. Anyway, I like it so much that I try to do this at least once a day. Sometimes, I’ll do this with cedarwood, because of its high sesquiterpine level, which means that it has many benefits to the brain. So as not to waste any of the oil, I’ll wipe the edge of the oil bottle with a finger and then rub this finger to the inside cheeks of the mouth, where the oil will go directly into the blood stream.

Some people put balsam in capsules and drink with water. Some put balsam in capsules, cover the top of the capsule with Animal Scents Ointment or our V-6 Mixing Lotion and insert rectally.

I hope that the above information will give you more ideas on how to use our wonderful Idaho balsam fir!

Once again, this information is based on a January 8, 2010 conference call with Gary Young. What you see on this page is for information purposes ONLY. It is not intended for diagnosing, prescribing, or making medical claims. For health issues large and small, please consult with the certified health professional of your choice.