Essential Oils in Eye - What if you accidentally get the oil in your eye?

Oils in eye? In can happen. The essential oils in your new essential oil kit can open a whole new world to you, but what do you do when you accidentally get some in your eye? Panic, if you don't know what to do! That's what I did the first time it happened to me, because it stung. Please read on for some helpful tips on what to do and what not to do when this happens.

Oils in Eye Tip 1: Don't panic.
Hopefully, you will have read the instructions that came with your kit and you know what to do.

Oils in Eye Tip 2: Don't use water.
Water and oil do not mix. Water can drive the oil in more deeply and can make the burning sensation worse.

Oils in Eye Tip 3: Use a good quality, organic vegetable oil.
Yes, it sounds strange, but it works and this is what most essential oil books recommend. Some people put vegetable oil at the edge of a napkin and then touch it to the corner of the eye. Other people pour some vegetable oil in the palm of one hand and use the index finger of the other hand to get the oil into the eye.

But what if you're out and about?
And you have no vegetable oil on hand. Again, no need to panic. It has been my experience that the stinging sensation goes away by itself in a few minutes.

The solution.
Please be more careful. I am assuming that you are using only therapeutic grade essential oils. In the United States, essential oils may be labeled pure if they contain only 5% of the essential oil mentioned on the label. So what is in the other 95%? Do you want to risk getting that in your eye?

You may be more careful than I am and never need this information. Hopefully, now that you have the information, you will be spared the panic that I experienced the first time I got essential oils in my eye and did not know what to do!

For more free tips and tools on using essential oils, I invite you to explore the Essential Oils Information center further. A lot of the information for beginners may be found in the RESOURCE section and the KITS section.

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